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Tired of browsing through endless listings for your new home or investment? Properfees makes it easy with custom property searches for buyers and investors.

As a buyer or an investor, you want efficiency and privacy. Let us take the lead and keep your search discreet. You can also become a Registered Listed Buyer with us for enhanced property search exposure while staying incognito.

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Buying a home or finding your ideal investment shouldn’t be a full-time job. Let Properfees simplify the process for you with our completely free service. Our experienced agents offer expert support in Switzerland and abroad through our trusted partner network.

Whether you’re searching for a holiday home, a relocation destination, an investment opportunity, or your forever home, we’re here to assist. Let us be your partner in stress-free property acquisition.

Your Trusted Partner

Our team provides expert advice to support homebuyers and investors. Benefit from our agents’ in-depth local knowledge of neighborhoods, global opportunities, and property values. With Properfees, you’ll make informed decisions with confidence.

Efficient Property Search

Let us do the searching for you. We’ll handle the property hunt, going through listings and contacting agencies on your behalf. This frees up your time to focus on other priorities while we find the best possible options for you.

Local & Global Opportunities

Explore a diverse range of properties locally and globally. Our network provides access to a variety of investment opportunities. Whether you’re seeking a new home or a profitable investment, we have the resources to match your needs.

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Join Properfees as a Registered Listed Buyer

Become a Registered Listed Buyer with Properfees for a convenient and unique property search experience. Your home search is displayed anonymously on our website, giving it maximum exposure.

Our team will conduct an extensive market search, analyzse and manage offers, and follow up until the sale is completed. Sign an exclusive search agreement to get started as a Properfees Registered Listed Buyer.

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    Whether you’re seeking your forever home, a lucrative investment opportunity, or a charming holiday getaway, Properfees is your guide. Our team of seasoned agents provides expert support and a streamlined search process, all at no cost to you. Contact us today for your next property acquisition.